FINAL FANTASY XIII Apk 1.1.0 Android Download

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FINAL FANTASY XIII – first, the game is available available for the new cloud service from the company Square Enix. Now you can play in 13 of the legendary series that has great graphics, complex plot and dynamic gameplay. All available on-screen buttons used in a joystick. For a comfortable game requires constant Wi-Fi connection at least 3Mbit / s.


And Utopia “Cocoon” that floats in the sky wilderness “pulse” -.
People living in the Cocoon, the benefit of such presence “Farsi” like God beyond the human knowledge, is committed to what crippled no life, had been living in peace and stability worldwide.
However, there are things that Cocoon of people are afraid only one.
“World” pulse “that is referred to as a lower bound.” –
Cocoon and pulse never not to intersect the world, therefore Cocoon people nothing is informed about the pulse, it has just been reported the threat of pulse as lore.
… Until that incident occurs




When encountered in contact with the enemy in a battle field begins. Battle in the flow of time in real time, the character will act by consuming to go ATB (active time battle) gauge that accumulated over time.

· ATB – active time battle –
The command input for each slot. Or aim a continuous attack, as soon determined that either aim a strong attack of players at once consume multiple slot!
· OPTIMA SYSTEM – Optima System –
Instantly switching the role called a variety of roles, will Ojiyo to ever-changing war situation!
· SUMMON SYSTEM – summon system –
Movement by their own intention, fight summon us. Its power is further accelerated by the “driving mode”!

Source: Google Play Store.


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FINAL FANTASY XIII Apk 1.1.0 Android Download
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