Clash Of Clans APK + Latest MOD v9.105.9 (Unlimited Gem Hack)

Clash Of ClansDownload Clash Of Clans APK MOD from TechWhiz.

Clash of Clans is a game of strategy and management in real time in which we will have to build a village for them to live the members of our fearless barbarian clan, and then send them to different missions that our men can prove themselves destroying the enemy camps. So the game is divided into two completely various stages. In the first, we have to build buildings and recruit citizens (paying for them, of course), while in the second we have to star in fighting real-time strategy in which we can demonstrate our ability. The game offers ten types of units different that we can improve as they gain experience and get money. Also, we can build lots of various defenses for our city, which is vital if we want to succumb to attack by our enemies, who come sooner or later. Clash of Clans is a game of fun strategy and management, which holds a gameplay rather more impressive than it may seem at first. Best of all, it’s completely free and optimized for Android Devices.


● Build your village into an unbeatable fortress.
● Raise your army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters.
● Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies.
● join with other players to form the ultimate Clan.
● Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars.
● Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades.
● Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements.
● Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls.
● Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm.

Source: Google Play Store


Clash Of Clans APKClash Of Clans APK Clash Of Clans APK Clash Of Clans APK


Game Info

Game Name: Clash of Clans
Game Category: Strategy Games
Last Updated On: July 7, 2016
Game Size: 62 MB
Version of The Game: v8.709.24
Developer Firm: Supercell
File Format: Apk
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
Total Installs: 100,000,000 +
Google Play Rating: 4.6 / 5

Download Links

Download Clash of Clans Apk v9.105.9 MOD | [Mirror]

What’s New

Removed Winter Theme
Various minor bug fixes and improvements

faq’s and Reviews

Clash of Clans proudly announces over five million five-star reviews on Google Play.
Clash of Clans Android version FAQs:

Q1: Clash of Clans (COC) is an online game or offline game, do I need an Internet connection to play it?

Apparently, Clash of Clans is an online game; it requires Internet access to provide players gameplay and social content to your gaming experience, as well as the ability to play live with the rest of the Clash community.
Q2: Why do I keep losing connection?

For a smooth Clash of Clans gaming experience, it’s critical that you are connected to a stable network, and Android device’s signal is strong enough. Full wifi bars or mobile data coverage alone is not always sufficient to guarantee a reliable connection because local networks can slow down and get overburdened at times. This is especially true if you play in a moving vehicle or on underground public transport. As with any other online service, we recommend playing over wifi with a good internet service provider, or at least a solid 3G/4G connection with a solid carrier.
Q3: Clash of Clans Android game keeps crashing, what to do next?

Note: Better experience Clash of Clans for Android, you need to check the minimum requirements first: 0.5 GB of RAM (1GB or more recommended), Android OS 4.0.3 or newer. Screen resolution 800×480 or higher.

Take following steps to fix Clash of Clans crashing problem.

1. Close the app and relaunch it. Power your device off and back on, then try re-launching the app. Remove the app and then re-install it.
2. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version game from the Google Play Store. Or you can download and update Clash of Clans APK file on
3. Free up device memory by closing running unused background apps.
4. Clear up more storage memory by uninstalling apps you don’t use. Also, try to transfer or backup videos and pictures from your Android device.
Q4: About Clash of Clans COC game the next update?

Supercell has revealed that it will be hosting a new event on 24 October that might bring major updates to the popular Clash of Clans video game. Here are some of the things that are rumored to be part of the next update of Clash of Clans (COC):

Town Hall 11: Presently, many players are stuck in Town Hall 10 and cannot move further; they have to be content with raiding other bases and upgrading their defenses. If Supercell opens up Town Hall 11, it is likely to bring a plethora of new things to the game. It has the chance to reinvigorate it and push more content. It has been predicted that this might bring upgrades to spells.
Single Player maps: This will be a boon to players who have loved to play single player modes or for players to test out their new skills and strategies.
Level 8 Barbarians: It is also possible that with the upgrade to Town Hall 10 Clash of Clan players might also get great new Barbarians from Level 7 to Level 8.
Clan Tourneys: It has been predicted that the new upgrade could include 5v5 and 10v10 people tournaments that could be incentivised with bigger rewards like gems and loots.
Dark Troop upgrade: With the upgrade of Town Hall 10, Dark Troops could also be leveled up, or there might be new forces to cater to fans.
New Hero: Several new updates have come to the game, but there has been no new Hero of the likes of King and Queen. This new character could have the ability to power up and evolve.

That’s All for the Clash of Clans Mod Apk, Stay tuned on TechWhiz for more Latest Mods of Apps & Games.

Clash Of Clans APK + Latest MOD v9.105.9 (Unlimited Gem Hack)
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930 Responses to “Clash Of Clans APK + Latest MOD v9.105.9 (Unlimited Gem Hack)”

  1. jsjsjsu says:

    i play with wi fi and lost connection,i play with optic fibar but he cant’play

  2. john joshua says:

    main point is improve your server power and we ready to give donation

  3. John says:

    Great Apps ever…

  4. Sabari says:

    Does this really work…..Should we connect to the internet?????

  5. shanmu says:

    cant download app or mod y?

  6. Nikesh says:

    Can we paly clan wars???

  7. tyrex says:

    I can’t install. > App not done

  8. charlie says:

    It sits on the clash oage saying “connecting to thunderbolt” but never loads anything…tried everything

  9. aditya says:

    Anand.c i had download ur aisa server but it dint work its sais unable to connect the server .too bad dude its there any way to solve it

  10. Maruf says:

    What will I get if I dwell this file..raving free gems?

  11. CamaroBro says:

    If u want to hack coc get coc modbox and get gamehacker then say in mod box without client then go in gamehacker then coc nd ur welcome (to do hack u need root)
    Plz join my clan I am Camarobro and CamaroBro.
    Pl join clan name:Demolishers
    Clan war:Always
    Needed trophies:400
    Thank you

    • rishi says:

      coc does not open after that

      • Anand.c says:

        check your internet connection

        • rishi says:

          i am on wifi and when i modded it with mod box and applied patches coc just does not open it shows only a black screen not even the loading screen. maybe i am doing something wrong.
          can u post the procedure.
          thank you

    • mochan says:

      Hey please help me ill join ur clan ma phone s rooted and I have and sb game hacker but dont know how to use and whats ua clan name camarabro or demolishers

  12. Raj Panchal says:

    Is this relly working??

  13. Adam says:

    It is work ? if it works i will download this apk . It come with unlimited gems right ? Tq

  14. Shiva says:

    Dose this have th 11 in it?

  15. Himanshu says:

    I have an account on the normal coc will this one combines to it or I will have to start new?

  16. TANISH says:

    It downloads thunderbolt stock…. Y not coc

  17. thanveer says:

    Can i login using my google play account and continue using this moded coc ?.currently iam in a clan and i needed to be in that clan with this moded apk

    Is it possible

  18. rishi says:

    buddy i have downloaded the indian version but when i open it says cannot connect to server check your internet connection.
    what should i do?

  19. ATD atd says:

    Is have town hall 11?

  20. Rev says:

    I installed the game then said fetching lastest patch, but failed to log in, help pls

  21. Jamarious says:

    It say can’t open

  22. Ivan Kelava says:


  23. kurakura says:

    he said networking problme please try again..

  24. FHasan says:

    I’ve Downloaded the EXE from both Rest of the world and Asia as I’m from BD. But while extracting it wants Password. What is the Password.

  25. Abed says:


  26. murat firatoglu says:


  27. Aladin says:

    Hi Wang at a private server

  28. varun says:

    Can any one help me to download this moded apk

  29. Anandhu Kv says:

    Nice very nice

  30. jacker says:

    how to do download hack pls help me….

  31. Peter Petrov says:

    This is very nice ap

  32. josh says:

    Hey i cant download it i go to the link and it just like gives me a fake file can you guys help

  33. peter pan says:

    why occurs weird applycation after i type gems numbers?

  34. RINKU says:

    I can’t download

  35. Afar says:

    How to download this apk

  36. saurabh says:

    it is easy to use

  37. vipul says:

    I. m. vipul. plec

  38. bunnu says:

    Require root or not nd this will work or not

  39. bunny says:

    will it work on wifi

  40. Spirit says:

    TechWhizhow does it work

  41. Spirit says:

    How to download it

  42. Pranay says:

    Is it Still working bro??

  43. Danielius says:

    Geras lol geimas

  44. sombari says:

    give me ultimate gems

  45. THUNDERLORD says:


  46. sumit says:

    can i get unlimited storage,gold,gems mod apk

  47. Jumon says:

    can I attack players village?

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  49. Mehtab says:

    i need gems4000

  50. ADITHYA says:

    realy greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

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    I will get more

  52. Ankit verma says:

    How can be clash of clans hack

  53. Ankit verma says:

    Koi bta skta h ki kase hack hogi clash of clans game

  54. Mudiepa says:

    It’s doesnt work..
    I don’t get the unlimited source..

  55. lukito saba says:

    Godd game it meizing

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    Diamonds 999999998999999

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    How I connect to clan or facebook

  58. lance says:

    I want playing to clans of clan coc mov

  59. chirag says:

    pleas pleas hack my clash of clans pleas

  60. Acegarbe75 says:

    Hey I cant download this game

  61. Imran says:

    can i install on bluestack?

  62. Imran says:

    a wala clash of clan install karne ke liya kya pehle mujhe original ko unstall karna hoga?

  63. Imran says:

    aur a game bluestack pe install hoga?

  64. aquibhaneef says:

    es apk mesing pleeg halp

  65. samar says:

    Clash of clane unlimited game

  66. Imran says:

    wildfire-flamewall.apk ( 46.1 MB ) isko download karna hai kya?

  67. Umaar says:

    Hy am Umar, plz Tell Me how to hack Clash of clans Unlimited gold and gems.. plzzz plzz Tell me quickly.

  68. Gowtham says:

    Can I use this hack app to join with normal Clans…

  69. Talatali says:

    I want coc new version 2016
    Hack mode crack

  70. Talatali says:

    I want coc hack versions 2016 plzz

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  72. aakansh says:

    I clicked the green download button but then it shows click to continue and then nothing come . so what should I do

  73. dipanker says:

    Nice game

  74. hussaini says:

    Bro its asking update….wht i hav 2 do

  75. hussaini says:

    Bro its asking update….wht i hav 2 do…plz solve my prblm

  76. Bilal says:


  77. Bilal says:


  78. leon says:

    Es ist echt cool

  79. silent says:

    admin selty. is this still working? cause i want to try it 🙂 pls response. thAnks

  80. silent says:

    admin selty. Is this still working. Cause i want to try it. Ive been looking for coc unlimited gem but i cant find anything. Hope this is It. Pls reply. Im waiting thanks.

  81. jay says:

    ive downloaded it. but it says connection error. my conn is good but it remain the same. and i thought this is updated. . i download it but its version is v. 7.200.19 instead of 8.212.9 . why. help pls selty

  82. jim says:

    i downloaded the app. but it says connection error. my Connection is good but remains the same. and i thought its updated. why it’s version is 7.200.9 instead of 8.212.9 pls help selty.

  83. saurav sharma says:

    I downloaded this apk and opened it it shows ” fetching latest patch ” and shows no connection Please tell me what to do.

  84. saurav sharma says:

    Please tell me now

  85. @_@ says:

    Da errro de conexao.o que faço ???

  86. Dave Ybiernas says:

    Why i can’t download clash of clans

  87. anupam says:

    Thanks a lot it is working

  88. Dave Ybiernas says:

    I play with wifi and it says connection error
    Pls… help…..

  89. Karol says:

    Hello I need help with this I cant download it I already had modz but they got out dated does this still work ??? And how do I install it please help

  90. bappi dutta says:

    it is not real becoz it is not working I can click on green download button it will show me ad blocking and nothing else it is fake if any one use it who know then contact me plzz

    • Selty says:

      green download button will take you to next page where there is download links

      • js says:

        i very dont know how to download the files…when i try to download.will other file..please teach me..admin selty

        • Selty says:

          press download now button it will take u to download page there select y0ur server click on it
          it wil take u to nxt page there you can download

  91. Gems I’m
    Egg high hi

  92. Viki says:

    Help pls

    I downloaded it but says connection error.. But my original coc works on same connection…
    Wot should I do??

  93. Sgdhudu says:

    This is a try good website

  94. Sgdhudu says:


  95. asd says:

    the best way to get the latest version of the most important thing is that you can get it

  96. Jay says:

    Servers down at the moment? If so, when will it be fixed? 🙂 Btw great Mod if it would work more smoothly!! 🙂

  97. nathan rangel says:

    What link do I dowload

  98. Ivan says:

    Fbzfbxgc ygstczf

  99. Abhimanyu Kumar says:

    Kya Sach me unlimited gems hai?

  100. j.vijay says:

    I need gems give a gems to j.vijay

  101. briand says:

    free gems event

  102. kamran says:

    Where is the data

  103. subesh says:

    This is not working at old coc acnt…i need gem bro

  104. js says:

    when i press the green botton.will show to wildfie-flamewall.appk..this is the apk mod ?? please rply

  105. adam says:

    I want a modified coc with 9999999999 gems that can be connected in gmail n can play like unpatched like original do you have any idea

  106. Steve says:

    How do i do it?

  107. davidaell7 says:

    .can’t login..😤😤😧😧

  108. js says:

    when i run..very long time for waiting..then ..say conenction how i must do for play?

  109. leu says:

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  110. Awesome says:

    Wow its working thanks for this its help me my is add +1
    Fuck this cheat

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    Get gems

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    Not working
    Showing log in failed all the time

  113. prativa says:

    rood game

  114. sabari says:

    its not working
    why you give this cheating apk to us…
    am using sony z1 mobile. this apk doesn’t work

  115. Johnpaolo Tamundez says:

    ,need loot

  116. shaiq says:

    it doesn’t work i cant download it says disable ad-block i dont use ad block.

  117. masukkimg says:

    unlimited gems pls…

  118. Shaiq says:

    It worked but ot says:login failed please try again later(37622438)

  119. Vskr says:

    I can’t login my Coc AC.. & can’t attack

  120. anu says:

    Login failed. What I can do .plc help me

  121. shahbaz says:

    Plz send coc hack unlimted gams and mony plz plz

  122. Abhinav Tripathi says:

    Not working plz hepl me

  123. Abhinav Tripathi says:

    Whenever i try to open it always shows that “Unable to connet please try again later ” Please hepl me

  124. Heiko kremers says:


  125. Imran says:

    indian server down…plz chack the server?

  126. Fake app connection errors

  127. avishek says:

    does this apk root?

  128. Vibin says:

    What I should do for iOS

  129. hk says:

    Direct download option provide. No other apps download fist the download.

  130. sarozz says:

    kaise download kare ishe??

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  134. utpal says:

    Clan war or attack is not working, pls help

  135. NAVJEET says:

    with this coc mod apk can I play with original coc clan ??
    if yes then tell me

  136. Sumit says:

    Its not working.. it shows Login failed evry time

  137. Priyanshu says:

    When I open it … starts and it says network lost every time

  138. omkar says:

    It telling unable to connect with server so what should I do now??

  139. Jackson says:

    Network not connecting

  140. omar111-0 says:

    Hink you

  141. JetPro55 says:

    where is the obb file bro

  142. deoulaos says:

    Always say connection error
    Can u fix it ? Thanks

  143. deoulaos says:

    Always says connection error .. why ?
    Can u fix it

  144. Vidit says:

    Connection error 🙁

  145. Rahul says:

    unlimited. gems free

  146. FriedChicken says:

    Damn great

  147. jsufcs says:

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  157. Jitu says:

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    Bhai dwnload nai ho rha

  159. Jessie says:

    I need gem and gold elixir unlimed mi clash of clash

  160. Hey buddy everyone needs a mod or hack thas cracks the coc’s original server… but the mod you given here is on some other private server… pls help us with an amazing mod or hack which works on the original coc server!

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    Clash Of Clans APK + Latest MOD v 8.212.12 (Unlimited Gem Hack) For Android

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    plz hlp me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  169. Inoeng says:

    I was try and connection error every time i open it,there is still working or not

  170. harshal says:

    My coc game unlimited

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  172. Guy says:

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  176. vidit says:

    I have downloaded..but it is opening but loading loading loading..then black screen ..what can i do then… 46.1 m.b. plz…

  177. Noman says:

    Very very nice app

  178. Gustav says:


  179. yogesh patel says:

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  184. surge says:

    does not work just says loading latest patch

  185. pankaj says:

    It’s not working
    Say to login failed

  186. pankaj says:

    It’s not working

    Login failed

  187. raju says:

    Help for crack this game

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    Not running showing that fetching latest patches for a long time

  197. Ehsan says:


  198. Armixlv says:

    Hi how to cheat in coc?

  199. tony says:

    File not found. Please help

  200. tony says:

    I cannot download the file

  201. tony says:

    .file not found. Help me download the file

  202. tony says:

    Help me download the file

  203. Bruno says:

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  204. Prince says:

    can’t download . when i tried to download apk mod file it gives (404 not found) plzzz help…

  205. DHANRAJ says:

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  206. Prince says:

    can’t download apk mod file . giving an error. 404 not found plzzz help….

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  208. Bijoy says:

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    someone please help me

  209. Khalid says:

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    realy cool

  211. sridhar says:

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  212. kaushal says:

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  213. Gunnit Bhalla says:

    I have downloaded this app but when I opens the app it gets stuck on loading and shows that fetching the latest pacth what I can do for this tell me plzz

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    Bhai it’s not working 2 days se fetching latest patch aa rha hai

  220. Jose says:

    Is a virus

  221. shivam says:

    Hy I download the apk and it open but it always show me connection lost but my wifi connection is on help mee

  222. Sayee prasad says:

    It’s waste it shows login every time

  223. Louwella duguran says:


  224. jannat says:

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  225. swapnil says:

    Downld link is redrcting to wildfire flamewall .apk not to coc hack download… what to do???

  226. swapnil says:

    Sry to say that bt ur app is nt wrking… it freezes on 1st window and keep displaying downloading patch shit.. bt doesnt show any progress in download bar

  227. Dani says:


  228. RAVINDRA says:

    Not Working… Totally waste I think. I have downloaded 2 time even though same problem.. . No gems.. No coins… Tested in so many android phones.. But waste

  229. lahiru says:

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  230. lahiru says:

    Send me link of latest coc mod apk.

  231. The darkest boy says:


  232. Harish rio says:

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  233. Ketan gajera says:

    I downloaded game but not running its showing geting latest patch but bar not moving. Please help bro

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    App just loads and displays fetching ‘latest patch ‘ and bar doesn’t fills what to do? Using wifi and strong network please reply

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  243. deepak says:

    Will it work

  244. Renato says:

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  245. Renato Kauê says:

    Muito bom ! Adorei. Não quero parar de jogar!

  246. send last versions apk me

  247. arun says:

    i need hacked version coc can u send me the link for my andriod

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  249. saar says:

    Hey..its installed but doesnot started…the starting loading bar doesnot seem to move

  250. Aktarull says:


  251. hank says:

    I don’t think its true

  252. hank says:


  253. Sujith says:

    I downloaded the latest version of clash of clans mod apk. ..but it not working . Please give me a original mod apk link

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  256. harshal says:

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